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Senin, 21 Mei 2018

Allamanda Cathartica, Ornamental Plants Efficacious As Toxic Drugs

Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica) is actually one of the most popular types of ornamental plants. Even become the trend of ornamental plants in early 2008 to mid-2010. Often referred to as the gold trumpet flowers or yellow bell flowers. In addition to its unique shape, this flower turned out to have a fragrant aroma. The characteristics of this plant is the old trunk will change color to brown. This is because natural plants experience the wood formation phase when aging. In general, allamanda's leaves gathered as many as three or four strands. In addition to being an ornamental plant turned out to be a natural leaf nutritious as an antidote. Just found out?

Allamanda's leaves have the efficacy as an antidote during poisoning. How to mix it? Quite easy, Prepare about 15 grams of fresh leaves of allamanda. Boil your allamanda's leaves with a glass of water for 15 minutes. Once cooked, cool the natural leaf decoction and strain. Drink the concoction every 1 hour. Insha Allah healed. Good luck.

Minggu, 20 Mei 2018

Often Ignored, It Turns Andong Leaves Treating These 4 Diseases

Andong leaves have a Latin name (Cordyline fruticosal) is not foreign anymore in Java and Bali. The red leaf is often used in various custom events on the island of Bali. Even in rural areas in Java, these leaves often grow wild in the yard of the house.

Andong plant is a plant that includes the category of onion. Usually, andong plants are planted as a fence in the front yard of houses and ornamental plants because it has a striking red color. Another specialty of this plant is young andong leaves can be used as a vegetable, usually green. When cooking rice with leaf andong, then add to the savory aroma of cooked rice.

Not many know that the leaves are commonly used as an ornamental plant, it has a property to treat various diseases. This is because, in a leaf andong has several substances such as glisirishin, saponins, glikosida likuiritin, asparagin, umbeliferona, glablolida, glucose, sucrose, etc..

These 4 powerful properties of leaf andong in overcoming various diseases.

1. Treating Vaginal Shells

Vile animals can certainly sting anytime and anywhere unexpectedly by the victim. As much as possible, the sting of venomous animals should be treated immediately so as not to adversely affect the victims. Both stung by snakes, spiders, scorpions, and other venomous animals. How to treat natural poisonous animal stings can be done one of them using andong leaves.

If exposed to the sting of venomous animals, as much as possible to be treated immediately so as not to spread and damage the cells of the human body. Leaves andong became one of traditional remedies to overcome the sting of venomous animals. How to make it? Quite easy. Mop the fresh andong leaves until completely smooth then heat with the flame. Apply a stew andong leaves on areas exposed to the sting of venomous animals. It would be better if the concoction is applied while warm with a soft cloth medium.

2. Treating Hemorrhoids

Other properties that can be found in leaf andong is useful for treating hemorrhoids. How, very easy. Wash 3 pieces of leaves andong and 7 wungu leaves are still fresh. Next, slice the ingredients as softly as possible and boil them with 3 cups of water until only 1 cup left. After cold, filter and drink! Do it every day until the disease hemorrhoids disappear.

3. Treating Diarrhea

One of the properties obtained from this leaf is to treat diarrheal diseases. During this time, to treat diarrhea, a popular natural medicine is guava plants, both leaves and guava fruit. Now there is a new alternative, namely leaves andong. How to mix it? To make the potion, prepare 60-100 grams of fresh andong leaves, wash thoroughly. Then boiled andong leaves using 3 cups water to only remaining 1 cup. After that, cool, strain, and put into 3 cups to drink 3 times a day, for morning, day and night.

4. Treating Bloody Cough, Menstruation and Bloody Urine

How to cough bloody treatment, bloody urine and menstruation too much one of them using andong leaves. The way of treatment is not too difficult. Boil fresh leaves andong approximately 100 grams or dried andong roots 30-60 grams using 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup only. Chill first, then filtered for 2 cups. Drink the concoction 2 times a day ie every morning and afternoon. Get well soon.

Minggu, 22 April 2018

How to remove pine in the tooth

Once the abscess has been located, the surgeon drains the pus using the needle. They may make a small incision in your skin over the abscess, then insert a thin plastic tube called a drainage catheter into it. The catheter allows the pussy to drain out into a bag and may have to be left in place for up to a week.

Abscess treatment self-care at home. If the abscess is small - less than 1 cm or less than a half - inch across - applying warm compresses to the area for about 30 minutes, four times a day, can help encourage it to point and the pus to drain. Do not attempt to drain the abscess by pressing or squeezing.

If an abscess is very large or the tooth is badly damaged, you may need to have the tooth removed. A large abscess often will need to be drained. The dentist makes a hole in the gum through the bone that provides an exit path for any fluid or pus. This will reduce the risk of further spread of the infection.

Wound care instructions from your doctor may include wound repacking, soaking, washing, or bandaging for about 7 to 10 days. This usually depends on the size and severity of the abscess. After the first 2 days, drainage from the abscess should be minimal to none. All sores should heal in 10-14 days.

Epidermoid cysts, also called sebaceous, keratin, or epithelial cysts, are small, hard lumps that develop under the skin. These cysts are common. They grow slowly. They do not cause other symptoms and are nearly never cancerous. Epidermoid cysts are often found on the face, head, neck, back, or genitals. They can range in size from 1/4 inch to 2 inches across. They look like a small bump, are tan to yellow in color, and are filled with thick, smelly matter. They do not cause any pain and can usually be ignored.

To diagnose epidermoid cysts, a physician will examine the bump and surrounding skin, as well as take a medical history. They will ask for details on how long the bump has been present and whether it has changed over time. Physicians can usually diagnose an epidermoid cyst by examination only, but sometimes an ultrasound or a referral to a dermatologist is needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Grief in the feel of David Guetta Until Calvin Harris Left Avicii

The death of the producer and DJ Avicii left deep sorrow for his fellow musicians. The original name of Tim Bergling died at the age of 28 years in Muscat, Oman, Friday (21/4).

Among them are DJ Zedd, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Diplo, and Steve Aoki. "There is no word that can describe my current sadness, hear about Avicii's departure," chirps Zedd while including a heartbreak emoji.

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris also co-wrote the expression of grief after knowing the departure of his colleague. He recalled the figure of Avicii as a talented musician.

"The shocking news about Avicii, the beautiful, passionate, and talented soul of many things, my heart for her family, God bless you, Tim," wrote the Summer singer on her Twitter.

Feelings hit with this sad news also approached DJ Steve Aoki. He claimed not to believe the sad news.

"It's very hard to write this, it's a very big loss. I miss you dear friends so much," she wrote on Avicii's photo upload on her Instagram

Avicii's collaboration partner on the Sunshine song, David Guetta also conveyed his condolences while uploading his photo with Avicii.

"Something terrible has happened We lost a friend with such a beautiful heart and the world lost an incredibly talented musician," he said.

Guetta added her gratitude to Avicii's beautiful tones. "The time we spent together in the studio, performing together as a DJ or enjoying life as a friend, RIP @avicii," he added.

The expression of grief was also conveyed by musicians such as 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist and actor Jared Leto, Two Lipa, Charlie Puth, and Cash Cash.

"I want to take the time to pay my respects to the person who really opened my eyes as to what my production will be." @Avicii is a musical genius and innovator, and I do not believe he is no longer with us, "Puth chirped.

"It's very sad to hear Avicii's death, too young and too early, my condolences to family, friends, and fans," chirps Two Lipa.

The news of Avicii's death was first confirmed by his management team.

"It is a deep sadness that we missed the Bergling Team also known as Avicii," the Avicii management statement said, as quoted by Variety.

Until now, not known the cause of the death of the singer born September 8, 1989, it. Avicii Management simply declared Avicii 'found dead'.

"He was found dead in Muscat, Oman on Friday afternoon local time, April 20. The family was destroyed and we asked everyone to respect privacy No further statements would be given," the management statement said.

Cause of death of DJ avicii

Before his death, Avicii is known to suffer from acute pancreatitis. The owner of the name of Team Bergling has even had surgery appendix in 2014 ago. That's what resulted in the famous producer and DJ is difficult to undergo musical activities.

In 2016, he decided to retire from his concert tour due to a series of health problems caused by excessive drinking.

"For me, it is something I have to do for my health," Avicii told Billboard at the time of the tour stop decision, as quoted by Business Insider on Saturday (21/4).

Based on the exposure of Em Yunir's Internist Medicine Specialist, Acute Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas gland.

Generally, the disease is caused by bacterial infections, viruses, side effects of drugs and autoimmune disorders. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages such as Avicii is said to be one of the causes.

"When it comes to digestion, it's usually nausea, vomiting, because the inflammation of the pancreas gland is under the stomach, there is a swelling that causes pain, an upset stomach, like a broken appendix," he told

This disease can attack anyone who leads an unhealthy lifestyle. When the disease is diagnosed, Yunir said that generally, patients should undergo treatment at the hospital.

"It should be treated because it cannot eat, it will vomit, stomach feels bloated with gas, difficult bowel movements, nutrients cannot enter, and the worst impact can cause death," added Yunir.

Although the cause of Avicii's death has not been revealed, it is possible if it is related to the pancreatic disorder he suffers. Moreover, Avicii disease has entered a chronic stage.

"If the acute is only a few days (short term), but if up to two years after being diagnosed with still suffering, there is a possibility has entered the chronic and chronic stage is slowly slow, like heartburn," he explained.

Chronic pancreatitis or conditions in which the pancreas is inflamed and permanently damaged. Yunir explained for a few percents, alcoholic beverages became the main cause of chronic pancreatitis.

Initially, continued alcohol consumption can lead to acute pancreatitis. Although acute pancreatitis occurs only in a short time, if the habit is continued, recurrent acute inflammation that occurs over a long period of time may eventually become chronic and cause permanent pancreatic tissue damage. To avoid it, of course, must lead a healthy lifestyle and nutritious.

"To avoid, fatty foods, because of a lot of it just like that, then reduce or stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages, because of the percent, alcohol is the main cause of pancreatic disorders," he said

source: cnnindonesia

Stay away from this because it can make eyes damaged

The eye is the window of the world, therefore the eye must remain healthy and protected. Moreover, the eye is an organ that is susceptible to various damage if not treated properly. Here are some bad habits that can cause damaged eyes.

Frequently Exposed to Radiation Rays

Radiation is a beam of heart-shaped energy, particles, or electromagnetic waves emerging from the radiation source. Eyes that are often exposed to radiation beam will affect the cornea, lens, and retina of the eye. As for some radiation that can damage the eyes such as ultraviolet, laser, and infrared. Therefore, avoid our eyes from these radiation rays to keep the eye healthy and not damaged. As for if forced to be exposed from the radiation beam, then try to use protective goggles, so that our eyes do not impact too severe when receiving radiation rays.

Too Old Viewing the HP Screen or Computer

Too long to see the screen HP or computer can cause impaired vision eyes. In the medical world, this vision disorder is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) with dry eye symptoms because it rarely flickers. To prevent this, reduce the duration of viewing the HP screen or computer. Then avoid also using HP in dark places that trigger muscles and eye nerve work harder. Do not also use the HP in a tilted position or lying down, so that our eyes are not quickly damaged and healthy always.

Reading While Snoozing

When reading, the ideal distance between the eyes and the book is 25-30 cm. While reading while sleeping, it is difficult to maintain the ideal distance. Usually, the distance of the eye with the book read is changing, even closer and closer. As a result, the eye will work harder because while reading we need concentration. Over time the eyes will become tired, and if continuous then the eyes will become damaged and the vision becomes blurred.

Reading in Dark Places or Less Light

To read, the eyes also need a bright enough light. Light plays a role to make it easier for us to recognize the letters or words we read. If we read with dim light or even no light at all, then the eye will work harder 2 times more than usual. As for the adverse impact that will occur if this is done continuously, then the eyes will become damaged.

Hopefully from some reviews about bad habits that can cause the damaged eye above can be beneficial to all of us. Do not forget also to always keep our eyes to stay healthy.

Rabu, 18 April 2018

How to deal with a person's heart attack

At just once, little might be in serious trouble individuals with heart disorders, and for those that suffered a heart attack. Today, improved medicines and new ways of treatment permit several cardiac (heart) patients to measure traditional or nearly traditional lives. Also, new forms of instrumentation and new strategies for playing heart operations have saved the lives of the many individuals for whom there was once no hope.
The arteries of older individuals could become hardened or narrowed. this might be serious if it happens within the coronary arteries, for the blood provides to the center is curtail. Severe hurting could result. A heart failure happens if the center muscle is bereft of its blood provide. the center muscle is also for good broken and replaced with connective tissue. most of the people who have heart attacks recover. they have to rest for many weeks or additional, however, they will sometimes then lead traditional lives.

A heart whose muscle has been badly broken cannot do an honest job of pumping the blood. This condition is named failure. With this condition, fluid collects in some components of the body, like the lungs and ankles.

Doctors have an oversized kind of medicines and different treatments for handling heart disorders. A drug named digitalis is given to strengthen weak heart muscles. medication known as Diuretics facilitate to free the body of excess fluid by means of the kidneys.

Diet is sometimes a crucial a part of the treatment of internal organ patients. The doctor could dictate a diet that's low in salt content. this can be as a result of fluids tend to gather within the body within the presence of salt. the center should work tougher to pump the additional fluids. The doctor typically advises a patient to change state. the center of an associate overweight patient should work tougher to pump blood to the additional, gratuitous body tissue. A diet is also prescribed attributable to a potential affiliation between fats and hardening of the arteries. Patients are suggested to not smoke. Smoking may be a reason behind serious respiratory organ diseases, and it conjointly seems to extend the chance of obtaining some forms of the heart condition.

The beating heart provides the pressure to maneuver the blood on within the blood vessels. once the house inside the smaller arteries is narrowed, as could happen in older individuals, the detected should push tougher to create the blood move. This ends up in high pressure. medication area unit used that cause the arteries to relax and so lower the pressure. different medication creates a lowering of the pressure by their result on the nerves that management the little arteries.

The rate of the heartbeat is controlled by electrical impulses from the system. These impulses set the pace for the heartbeat. generally, the impulses could cause associate irregular beat or one that's too quick or too slow. sometimes this can be a brief condition. If the matter may be a serious one, a man-made pacemaker is ready into the center painlessly. The pacemaker is high-powered by a small battery that lasts for years. The life-saving pacemaker provides electrical impulses to the center, inflicting it to beat often and at a satisfactory rate.

Medical and surgical ability have saved or prolonged legion lives. however, thusme hearts area unit so badly broken that they can't be repaired. the primary heart transplant was performed in December 1967, and we've come back a protracted means since then. watch out for yourself. Your family loves you.

Selasa, 17 April 2018

how to prevent hair loss

Hair loss and phalacrosis may be a common drawback in our society. variety of men and ladies face hair issues and seeking for facilitating. Hair drawback badly affects one’s social activities and particularly the ladies. concerning ninetieth of men and ladies are suffering from hair issues, a while it's dilution of hair, someday it's falling of hair and a few time it's changing into bald.

In general, someone with less hair on his / her head is taken into account as less sensible/lovely as his / her counterpart un agency has a furry head with healthy hair. Hair loss is clinically diagnosed because of the deficiency of nourishment vitamin B a vitamin of ‘Vitamin B – Complex’ cluster within the body. alimentation B7 and vitamin H ar alternative synonyms of vitamin B complex.

It is same that, ‘prevention is best than cure’, therefore someone has to be compelled to take vitamin H wealthy diet to take care of his / her body and hair health, as vitamin B complex is additionally necessary for alternative bodily functions. however no drawback comes business in life, therefore if you're being in hair issues, then you wish to require necessary steps to forestall any loss and ultimately phalacrosis.

Now, you actually have an interest in knowing, what are the steps, one must absorb case of Hair Problems??

Here is small ‘Easy Hair Loss Cure’ recommendation, that you may prefer to follow if you're facing Hair Loss issues.

Different types of lotions, numerous medicines, and shampoos in several fragrances are out there within the market stores to forestall your hair. you'll be able to purchase these hair loss products from a medical store in your neighborhood. There is the product, that you'll be able to buy solely once a physician’s prescription. the selection of choosing a hair loss product all depends on the amount of suffering you're going with.


The clinical root reason behind hair loss is also any, like hereditary, secretion imbalance and aging etc. And thence a personal have to be compelled to receive medications consequently. The obstruction of hair follicles is found one major condition for hair issues. A secretion referred to as dihydro androgen in excessive amount will the obstruction of hair follicles, that ultimately results in hair issues. Dihydro androgen is additionally pronounced as DHT. The impact of DHT in hair follicles may be neutralized exploitation five – alpha enzyme, that is Associate in Nursing substance.

Nugen HP, Revivogen, and Hair genesis are a number of the common hair loss product out there in pharmacies and drug stores. of these medicines facilitate in reducing the amount of DHT and so facilitate up to the mark of hair loss and promote healthy hair.

Nugen HP controls your issues naturally. This blocks the DHT in follicles and so cures your hair issues. If you're facing hair issues, you need to ought to take the correct nutritive diet. Take a diet full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Hair Genesis is incredibly effective in hair issues. it's a natural DHT blocker and prevents hair loss in males.

Much more product is out there within the medical and pharmacy stores, however, whereas exploitation any product, taking diet wealthy in nutrition is additionally equally necessary.

You also will use hair conditioners to forestall hair loss. Revivogen, Folligen, Tricomin, and Nisim are a number of the hair conditioners.

Minoxidil may be a drug, that is effective just in case of youngsters’ hair issues.

So in spite of, if you're facing hair issues, a no. of drugs, and conditioners are there to assist you and forestall your hairs. however take care, take the recommendation of your doctor and have food enriched with vitamins and minerals and proteins. Hair loss is curable and with very little additional effort you'll be able to have healthy hair on your head

Sabtu, 14 April 2018

Some of these things can weaken your sperm

A male reproduction tool is a tool that serves to breed through the process of marriage with the opposite sex. Inside the reproductive apparatus, there is a liquid called sperm, this fluid greatly affects whether or not the couple did the breeding.
Male fertility is determined by the quality and quantity of sperm, unlike women. Meanwhile, to find out whether the sperm in men are fertile or can not be seen from the habit. What are the habits that can decrease sperm fertility in men? Here are some habits that can decrease sperm fertility in men.

Wearing Pants That Are Too Tight

The ideal temperature of the testes should be lower than the core body temperature. The inappropriate use of male underwear is likely to cause the testis to be at an unhealthy temperature. Such an unfavorable temperature may cause the testes not to produce sperm with enough quality and quantity to be able to fertilize the egg. So avoid the use of pants that are too tight, so that the quality and quantity of sperm does not decrease fertility.

Lazy Motion

People who are passive in their activities usually have low sperm fertility rates, because someone who is inactivity usually rarely exercises. One of the reasons someone less activity is lazy to move. If someone who in his daily life is always lazy in doing activities or moving, it will adversely affect his health. As for one of the bad effects is the decline in fertility sperm in men.


Who does not know cigarettes, compared with the benefits turned out to be more harmful. As for one of the harmful or bad effects for a man who often smokes is decreased fertility sperm quality. Even if it is too severe, then the greater impact is can cause impotence or sterility.

Cycling Too Old

Perhaps many people think that cycling is very healthy. It's true, if done regularly and not excessive cycling is very healthy, even can form the leg muscles and stomach. But if done excessively, not healthy to be obtained. As for what will be obtained is a bad impact on health, which is decreased fertility in a man. Not just long periods of time that affect the quality of male sperm, but saddle selection is also very influential on this issue. So for the solution is to avoid cycling for too long, ie more than 2 hours per day and choose a comfortable saddle for cycling.

Frequently Exposed to Radiation Rays

Frequently exposed to radiation from hp or laptop, over time will cause a man to be infertility or infertile because exposure to radiation from the object can cause sperm count continues to decrease.
Therefore, should a man if forced to be exposed to the radiation beam, the cultivated period of not more than 4-6 hours for adults. As for children no more than 2-3 hours. For example, save hp in the pocket of the front pants, this is a picture if someone is exposed to hp radiation beam. Then laptop when typing, this also includes someone who is exposed to radiation rays.

Kamis, 12 April 2018

The benefits of yogurt in eating when the stomach is hungry

Greek yogurt or yogurt in general has a sour taste that is not too strong.

Basically, greek difference yogurt and yogurt itself lies in the texture. Yogurt Greek sour taste slightly less acidic than regular yogurt because of the additional filtering process.

This filtering process will make Greek yogurt has a thicker texture than compared to other yogurt and more filling. Greek yogurt was considered more healthy and useful for slimming the body.

It's just not denied that the taste of greek yogurt and other yogurt is still quite pronounced.

This sour taste causes many people dare not eat it on an empty stomach. The reason, this acid taste is considered to make stomach pain.

Finally, various yogurt was eaten after meals.

"The yogurt should be eaten on an empty stomach or have not eaten," said nutrition physician Samuel Oentoro.

"Because good bacteria or probiotics in this yogurt should get to the colon alive in order to effectively maintain digestion and health."

If yogurt is eaten after meals, says Samuel, the good bacteria or probiotics will die. This bacteria will die from exposure to stomach acid that comes out due to the digestion of food.

"When eating, stomach acid will come out automatically.

"So when the yogurt enters, antiseptic stomach acid will kill off the good bacteria from yogurt," Samuel said.

Samuel added, in fact on an empty stomach, the stomach will also produce stomach acid. However, the amount is not as much when the food has entered the stomach.

The amount of stomach acid that is not too much of this on an empty stomach is claimed to be still safe for the effectiveness and activity of bacteria yogurt maintain digestive health.

But the suggestion for eating on an empty stomach is intended for those who have no problems with the stomach. For people with chronic gastritis, the consumption of yogurt is recommended after eating.

However, eating yogurt after eating this should also be given a pause of at least an hour.

"Actually, probiotic bacteria have advantages, drink or eat 'carcass' (bacteria that have died) probiotics still have good effects on the body," he said.

"But certainly not as good as if it was still alive."

To get maximum results, Samuel himself suggests consuming between 1-2 cups of yogurt every day.
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